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Integrated Partner Solutions Data-Driven Workflow Process Optimization M any companies today are The solution supports proper planning and documentation by automatically assigning numbers to components and naming files automatically. Integrated Partner Solutions brings

of ‘growing with the customer’ through consistentlearningandknowledgetransfer to ensure seamless data integration across apps and departments to achieve process optimization,” says Gene Perry, VP of the company. “With flexibility at our core, we spend time understanding our client’s requirements, workflow processes, and we work with them to maximize their process outcomes.” Integrated Partner Solutions delivers flexible process automation and vertical integrations with workflows that are specific to a customer’s needs. The company allows customers to harness third-party solutions like SolidWorks, Inventor, Solid Edge, AutoCAD, Microsoft Office, and their existing ERP app. With the goal to solve complex data management issues and streamline ERP/ MRP/SAP integrations, the company offers MechWorks PDM that promotes design reuse, team collaboration, visibility, and data integrity sharing between multiple applications. A centralized database environment provides common document access for users of 3D/2D CAD and Microsoft Office, while allowing organizations to have granular control over their records and manage their processes with proper workflows and notifications. MechWorks PDM allows clients— especially from the 3D industry—to treat multiple physical files as a single part number. To illustrate, a user can link a 2D AutoCAD file and a SolidWorks file to represent the same part number. After checking these files for accuracy, the user can blend these files as one and release them into the workflow process. MechWorks PDM allows the users to manage the physical file’s properties and attributes, in addition to file revisions.

adopting a customized form of Product Data Management (PDM)—as a cross-functional, multi-department collaborative framework—to meet their unique requirements pertaining to product revisioning, lifecycle states, and deliverables within their workflow process. Teams across quality, manufacturing, and engineering depend on PDM to streamline their processes, establish transparency, and achieve quality improvements. During their

advanced functionality to handle bill of materials (BOM).With MechWorks PDM, users get a simplified view of the list of BOM components which can be automatically shared upstream with ERP/MRP/SAP applications. With a single source of truth—achieved through synchronizing design data with managed workflow events and multiple applications—it eliminates the manual process of re-entering the same design and BOM data within disconnected applications, thereby saving time and eliminating errors. For instance, a client within the aviation industry had unique workflow requirements. They sought a flexible solution that would present a view of engineering changes to the team members and allow them to review and process workflows more efficiently. After deploying the PDM solution provided by Integrated Partner Solutions, the client could easily authorize the team members to finalize workflow related decisions. As a result, the aviation company succeeded in controlling workflow processes and injecting transparency using MechWorks PDM. Integrated Partner Solutions leverages the hands-on experience of its seasoned employees and the energy, passion, and the desire for cloud adoption and intuitive UI of its younger employees, to drive the future. In the near future, Integrated Partner Solutions aims to build a solution that can be deployed in a business irrespective of the industry and integrated with a broader gamut of third-party ERP solutions.

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journey, they usually require an expert PDM partner who can understand their unique challenges and help them channel the right information to the target users and business systems without creating duplicate copies of data. “At Integrated Partner Solutions, we follow the maxim

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